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About mIoT

The connected concept network of IoT, or Internet of Things, is constantly evolving within industrial environments.

mIoT is a company that manufactures the Captis range of cellular data loggers - devices that transmit measurements and readings from sensors and meters, to an IoT cloud platform which gathers and analyses the data, reporting or applying business rules for whatever the need.

mIoT was established in 2017, and is a Madison Technologies company.

Captis Cellular Data Logger

Easily measure and report your parameters

The Captis cellular data logger opens up a new world of convenience when it comes to remote measurement.

Costly and inadequate manual measurement processes can now be replaced with an easy to install, long lasting, independent measurement package.

The Captis device has been developed to fill niche measurement requirements across a broad range of applications and remote locations.

Captis is designed to measure a range of parameters; be small in size; run for extended periods of time on a single battery; and have connection across cellular networks including CAT M1 and NB-IoT.

Built small and unobtrusive, Captis measures only 75 x 80 x 50 mm and weighs less than 500g.

It’s currently available in two versions: Pulse and Multi, each being housed in the same IP 68 rated enclosure.

Each Captis device acts as an extra employee, virtually visiting the sensor or meter, reading it as often as required, and reporting results back to the end user via email, sms or a cloud platform - saving time, money and resources.

Captis Pulse web
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