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mIoT Captis Range. Providing the Edge for IoT.

Today, mIoT announce the achievement of Telstra Certification for their Captis Range of Cat M1 data loggers.

This certification, coupled with Telstra’s enablement of their M2M network, enables their Captis range devices to measure and capture sensor data across a broad range of applications including water, waste water, smart cities and more. This Telstra certification firmly places Captis at the centre of the IoT transformation enabling the way we collect, send and receive sensor data which will heavily influence the way we work now, and into the future.

mIoT is the manufacturer of the Captis Range of Cat M1 NB-IoT data loggers – devices that transmit measurements and readings from sensors and meters, to an IoT cloud platform which gathers and analyses the data, reporting or applying business rules for whatever the need.

Captis has been designed to offer maximum flexibility to measure various inputs such as digital, analogue and serial.  Its small form factor and extended battery life make it possible to measure and collect data on your infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.  All connected across Telstra’s CAT M1 and NB-IoT networks providing unmatched coverage.

It is perfectly positioned for use across whole of Utilities, Government, Transport, Infrastucture and Agriculture. This versatility of application enables Captis to meet the next wave of physical specifications, coverage, capacity and remote connectivity required for these industries.

mIOT’s Captis range is proving the edge for IOT through enabling data capture control, efficiency and ease of information access.

The Captis Range has the following features:

Cellular connected (CAT M1, NB-IOT)

Comprehensive Device Management (Configuration, FOTA)

6 different inputs that can all be run simultaneously (Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs and Serial)

Easy Installation: No external power or data connection required

IP68 – able to be installed in-ground

Typical battery life of 5-7 years

Replaceable battery

Fraction of the cost of alternative solutions

And last but not least, it’s made in Australia.

For more information on the Captis product range or Captis Telstra Certification, please contact Shaun Smith, CEO of mIOT pty ltd.

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